The Preschool Program

This Preschool Kindergarten program features a complete scope and sequence of concepts and skills needed to prepare K4-K5 children to be ready to read. Over 2000 pages of curriculum filled with animal pictures, activities, and full-color picture stories encourage a child to want to read.  They also learn social skills, the wonders of God’s world, and the reality of God’s love.

The Learning To Read Program

This multi-sensory, phonic learning-to-read program is designed to prepare a child for the individualized instruction of the Pathway PACE system. Within a period of 11 to 15 weeks, each student becomes acquainted with cartoon animals, songs, and stories. These features help them to learn letter sounds, alphabet and number sequence, and word relationships.

Elementary School

The elementary department curriculum includes the five basic core subjects. These include, Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and World Building. In addition, students may also be assigned lessons in Literature and Creative Writing, Animal Science, and Bible Reading.

Middle School

The middle school student is transitioning from elementary school to the responsibilities of high school.  They continue in the basic and enrichment curriculum of their younger years as well as experience more abstract areas of learning in order to prepare them for the added expectations and challenges of high school. 

High School

The high school student is allowed to enroll in three separate tracts of learning- The Vocational Program, General Program, or the College Prep Program.  Pathway Christian Academy also offers a total of 75 high school electives to compliment your child’s learning.

For The New Pathway Student

Since our material is individualized, it is necessary to determine the student’s exact academic level in each core subject. Past experience has proven that a child’s promotion from one grade to another does not always indicate that they learned or mastered the material. For that reason, each new student enrolled at Pathway will be administered a diagnostic test to determine their personal performance level. This starting point allows us to meet our first law of learning.

Also Featuring Curricula Benefitting:

  • The Advanced Student
  • The Slower Student
  • The Home Student

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